Kikkoman Institute for International Food Curture

Aiming for the International Exchange of Food and Rich Eating Habits
  Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture

2007 Kikkoman Food Culture Seminar
The Internationalization of Sushi
100 Sushi Restaurants · Thirty-Five Cities · Thirty Countries

Hirotaka Matsumoto

This and That from the Food Cultures of the World

- Unearthing the Four-Hundred-Year History of a Wholesale Fish Market -
The History of Nihonbashi Uogashi
Part 2: The Popularity of Fish in Edo

By Issei Tomioka
Uki-e Edo Nihonbashi Odawara-cho Sakana-ichi no Zu
(fish market at Odawara-cho, Nihonbashi in Edo) by Rekisentei Eiri


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