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Aiming for the International Exchange of Food and Rich Eating Habits
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Outline of "Food culture No.11"

The 2005 Kikkoman Food Culture Seminar
Edo Cuisine

Lecturer: Mr. Kazunari Yanagihara
Expert in the Kinsa-ryu Culinary Discipline
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"Food Cultures of the World" series
NEWS - Taste Transcends Time

Identifying the True Character of Kansai Soy Sauce
-Report on Our "Edo Soy Sauce" Revival Project-

Trivia from the Food Cultures of the World

Nutrition education in Japan is based upon philosophies advocated during the Meiji period.

Toto Meisho Takanawa Nijuroku-ya Machi Yukyo-no-zu (Feast in Waiting for the Moon at Takanawa, Edo on the Twenty-sixth Night) by Utagawa Hiroshige; property of the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History


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