Kikkoman Institute for International Food Curture

Aiming for the International Exchange of Food and Rich Eating Habits
  Kikkoman Institute for International Food Culture

The 2006 Kikkoman Food Culture Seminar
The Transition of the Japanese-Style Diet
Will Japan's Food Culture Become the World's New Macrobiotic Diet and General Health Food?

Lecturer: Mr. Zenjiro Watanabe

This and That from the Food Cultures of the World

A Peek at the Meals of the People of Edo
Tracing the Diet of Edo - the Establishment of Japan's Culinary Culture (Part Two)

Editorial Supervisor: Nobuo Harada
Kikkoman Video Library

"Food Cultures of the World" series
NEWS - Establishment of the Library of International Food Culture Studies

The World's Thriving Sushi Business
- The Popularity of Sushi Overseas -
Asia and Oceania

Hirotaka Matsumoto

From Shichi Nan Shichi Fuku no Zu (Seven Happinesses and Seven Misfortunes);
by Maruyama Okyo, property of Shokoku Temple


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